Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures
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ADRIAN ADAMS (2004: Legacy)
GREG AMSLER (2009: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
JAMES ARNESS (2006: Legacy)
LOIS BAUCCIO (2016: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
BILL BECKSTROM (2009: Veterans History Project)
HARRY BELL (2011: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
CARL BOYER (2002: Legacy)
ELIZABETH BLUM (2002: Legacy)
SCOTTY CAMERON (2008: Veterans History Project)
ELIJAH CANTY (2003: Legacy)
HARRY CAREY JR. & ELLA CAREY (2005: Newsmaker)
MARY ANN COLF (2010: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
GARY & MYRNA CONDIE (2010: COC Silver Spur)
MYRNA CONDIE (2012: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
MIKE CORRALEJO (2003: Legacy)
NANCY COULTER (2009: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
CLEM & PAULA COX (2004: Legacy)
JOEL COX (2013: SCV In the Movies)
WAYNE CRAWFORD (2010: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
DOREETHA DANIELS (2009: COC Local History Project)
BOB DANIS (2009: Veterans History Project)
TOM DIERCKMAN (2012: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
JO ANNE DARCY (2002: Legacy)
IVAN DORSET (2003: Legacy)
DYER FAMILY (2009: Legacy)
ESTHER DYER (2009: COC Local History Project)
HOBART ELLIS (2009: Veterans History Project)
SUE ENDRESS (2015: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
DEAN GALLION (2012: Legacy)
CHERYL GRAY (2014: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
CHUCK GREENE (2009: Veterans History Project)
ARMINTA GUTHRIE (2010: Legacy)
DICK HELD (2002: Legacy)
HERBY HIGHTOWER (2008: Veterans History Project)
ELIZABETH HOPP (2012: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
DICK JEFFREY (2010: Veterans History Project)
TOM JOHNSON (2010: Veterans History Project)
JOE KAPP (2005: Newsmaker)
BERNARD KATZ (2009: Veterans History Project)
BILL KENNEDY (2009: Veterans History Project)
JACK KRAMP (2009: Veterans History Project)
TOM LEE (2002: Legacy)
JIM LENTINI (2016: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
JACK LILLEY (2015: Legacy)
BILL LIVELY (2014: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
GARY LOCKWOOD (2017: SCV In the Movies)
LAINA McFERREN (2017: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
JILL MELLADY (2016: COC Silver Spur)
DALE MEYERS (2009: Veterans History Project)
MINNIE MURPHY (2002: Legacy)
MONTIE MONTANA (~1995: Crash Kitty Productions/SCVTV)
NEWHALL FAMILY (2015: COC Silver Spur)
RUTH NEWHALL (2000: 90th Birthday)
BILL PETERS (2009: Veterans History Project)
PHIL RAWLINS (2007: Newsmaker)
EDWARD REIFF (2009: Veterans History Project)
BILL REYNOLDS (2010: Veterans History Project)
GEORGE T. "JOE" SAKATO (2009: Veterans History Project)
HARRISON SCOTT (2002: Legacy)
CANDY SPAHR (2011: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
"SAD" SAM STANLEY (2017: Legacy)
PEGGY STEWART (2013: SCV In the Movies)
ERIC STROH (2017: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
STEVE STURGEON (2012: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)
GUS TRUEBLOOD (2008: Legacy)
JOAN WALTER (2002: Legacy)
LEON WORDEN (2015: SCV Man & Woman of the Year)

Oral Histories
Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society

MERYL ADAMS (Lecture, 1977)
BAILEY HASKELL (Interview, 1988)



SC1401 - Dante Acosta, Santa Clarita City Council Member 2014-2016; Assemblyman 2016—.

AA5001 - Judge Adrian Adams, 1950s & 2003.

'Placerita Gold': Evelyn Adams by Linda Tarnoff • PCPOA News, March 2007.

LW2866 - Agajanian Hog Farm in Saugus Featured in Magazine Advertisement, 1953.

LW3404 - J.C. Agajanian: Saugus Hog Rancher, Race Promoter. Biographical Profile, Car Life, November 1964.

Tony Alamo

The Tony Alamo Story • by Pastor Tony Alamo & Nancy Ross, 2001.

LW3595 - Tony Alamo: "The Robot Walk," Advertisement and Audio File, 1964.

LW3681 - Original Elvis-style Jumpsuit Concept Design (Signed) by Tony Alamo, n.d.

LW2427 - Michael D. Antonovich, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor.

Arnette Field: Ballfield Named for CCC Worker Killed While Battling SCV Brush Fire, 1933.

TA3401 - Asher Family at Their Vasquez Rocks Property, 1930s.

Asher Ranch Life Revealed in Vasquez Rocks Program by Lillian Smith, Agua Dulce-Acton Country Journal • 3-15-2014

My Memories Of Melody Ranch by Gene Autry • The Gazette, Nov.-Dec. 1995

GA1000 - Gene Autry, Singing Cowboy.


SD1401 - Leroy D. Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff 1998-2014.

LW0506 - Statue of Phineas Banning at Port of Los Angeles, erected 2004 (3 Views).

HB3901 - Bill Barbour's Silver Championship Buckle, 1939 Castaic Rodeo.

LW3109 - Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor, 2016—.

TN7501 - Bobby Batugo, World Champion Mixologist. 2 Views, 1970s.

LW2604 - Bobby Batugo Lapu Lapu Goblet, 4 Views.

Lois Bauccio, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Woman of the Year.

Edward F. Beale

BOOK - Edward Fitzgerald Beale: A Pioneer in the Path of Empire (Bonsal 1912).

LW2204 - Edward F. Beale.

LW2205 - Edward F. Beale, Woodcut.

(Edward F. Beale): The Camel Expedition • (New York, NY) Porter's Spirit of the Times, 2-20-1858

Alberta Platz Bell's Ravenna Memories12-2-1988.

Life Story of Harry Bell, 2011 SCV Man of the Year5-6-2011.

Fran Bennett Retires from CalArts School of Theater After 36 Years CalArts, 1-8-2015.

Trump Taps Onetime COC Trustee Don Benton to Head Selective Service System • The White House, 4-10-2017.

LW2490 - Herman Benz Family of Bouquet Canyon, 8-5-1950.

LW3796 - Note by Wells Fargo Express Agent E.H. Bercaw, 1903.

LW2888 - Asthma Patient Timmy Bercaw, 9, of Saugus, Visited by Singer Frankie Randall, 1967.

BE8902 - Mike Berger, Chamber President-Elect, at SCV Dodger Day, 5-18-1988.

Genealogy: Descendants of Juan Biscailuz.

LW3349 - Eugene W. Biscailuz, 27th L.A. County Sheriff 1932-1958 (as Undersheriff in 1929).

SZ2702 - William J. Biscailuz, Pico Canyon Petroleum Engineer, ~1900-1920s.

LW2533 - Sherman Block, Los Angeles County Sheriff 1982-1998.

PC3701 - Bertha & Emma Blum of Acton; Newhall School Teachers, 1937.

LW3803 - Elizabeth Blum, (the First) Miss Acton, 1952.

LW3676 - Photo Gallery: Acton Homesteader George Blum's Stonecutting Tools Preserved, 2019.

LW3684 - Photo Gallery: Pieces of 1891 L.A. County Courthouse, Worked On By George Blum of Acton.

Blum Ranch: George Blum & Sons' Homsteading History, 1891-1933.

Bill Bonelli Indicted on Bribery Charges by Grand Jury • News Reports, 1939.

Bonelli Seeks Midnight Liquor Curfew • Los Angeles Examiner, 12-1-1942 (Complete).

Bill Bonelli Not Cleared: Charges Reinstated After Death • 3rd District Court of Appeal, 1971.

William G. "Bill" Bonelli by Leon Worden, November 2000.

William G. "Bill" Bonelli by Alan Pollack, 2011.

Karen Bonnett, Receptionist, The Newhall Signal, April 1968.

GZ0601 - Pam Bordelon, Blue Bird Father-Daughter Dance, OLPH School, May 1967.

GZ0602 - Pam Bordelon and Monica Haywood, 1966.

GZ0401 - Pam Bordelon (Koopman) at Dillenbecks' Labor Day Picnic, September 1970.

LW3627 - Feature: "Sting is Back" (Steve Borden, Hart High 1977), Superstar Wrestlers, September 1990.

Biography of Rev. Dr. Stephen Bowers (Bowers Cave, etc.) American Philosophical Society, n.d.

SG7301 - Jereann Bowman, 1973 SCV Woman of the Year.

LW3296 - WW2 Ace Pappy Boyington Takes "Surprise Bride" to See Newhall Attorney, January 1946.

SC1314 - Timothy Ben "TimBen" Boydston, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2006-2008 & 2012—.

SG7302 - Carl Boyer, of Newhall, Gets Taxes Cut in Valencia; Wayne Crawford Assists • The Signal, 1-10-1977 (Photo 1973).

SC9010 - Carl Boyer III, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-1998.

Councilman Carl Boyer Announces Reelection Bid • 12-22-1993.

JK6001 - Annie Rose Briggs and the Ghosts of Castaic, • Long Beach Independent, 3-6-1960.

JK7201 - Annie Rose Briggs' 1916 Victrola from Kelly/Knapp Ranch on the Ridge Route.

JD8301 - Photo Gallery: Enrobing Ceremony for New Judge H. Keith Byram, 2-2-1983.


LW2459 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Nightclub: Matchbook Cover, 1940s.

LW3039 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Nightclub: Shot Glass, 1940s.

LW3038 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Nightclub: Souvenir Guest Photo Folder, 1945.

LW3648 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Café: Cocktail Napkin, 1940s.

LW3753 - Ace Cain's Rocky Springs Country Club: Wooden Nickel, 1950s-60s.

LC9001 - Callahan and Cesena Families of Newhall & Agua Dulce.

Robert E. Callahan Turned Old West Into Tourist Attraction • by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, May-June 2017.

HS3674 - Robert E. Callahan with Carrie Jacobs Bond Inside His Ramona Chapel, 1927.

LW3474 - Ramona Cottage at Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village, Culver City ~1930s.

LW2874 - Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village (Culver City), Postcard ~1940s.

LW2965 - Robert E. Callahan with Hopi Indian Employees, n.d. (Mission Village).

LW2511 - Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village (Culver City) Good Luck Token.

LW2966 - "Hopi Snake Dance and Fish Ceremony" by Robert E. Callahan, Mission Village, n.d.

Biography of George Campton • Pen Pictures from the Garden of the World, 1889

AL9201 - Billhead from G. Campton's General Store, 9-1-1892.

SC9020 - George A. Caravalho, Santa Clarita City Manager 1988-2002.

HB1706 - Newhall Cowboy Leonard Cesena's Western Saddle.

TS1964 - Harry S. Chacanaca's Grave Marker, 3-2002.

LW3769 - Prohibition Alcohol Prescription for E.E. Chamberlain, Union Oil Superintendent, 1921.

LW2359 - Cher as a Baby, with Grandma Lynda Walker of Placerita Canyon, 1946-47.

HS1001 - William C. & Lavina Chormicle, Castaic Landowners.

Wm. Chormicle Sued for Slander Against 8-Year-Old Cooke Girl • News Reports, September 1910.

COC Trustee Francis T. Claffey: Postmaster at Newhall (1964), Saugus (1973) • The Signal, 6-14-1972.

JE3801 - Alfred L. Clark, Founder of the Solemint Store, ca. 1935-1937.

Ghost Corps: A "C" Company Soldier's Story • Historical Novel by Chuck Clark.

COC Foundation Silver Spur Award Honors Myrna and Gary Condie • Documentary Video 2010.

Myrna Condie, 2012 SCV Woman of the Year5-4-2012

Paul & Barbara (Sitzman) Cook: Happy Valley Poultry Farming, Mentryville School Days • The Signal, 9-4-1985.

HS8802 - Oral History: Barbara Sitzman Cook, Pico Resident 1920s-1930s, Interviewed 5-26-1988.

AP2205 - Dolores Cook Family and Cordovas at Cordova Ranch in Castaic ~1886.

PC3901 - Patricia Cook's Eighth Grade Diploma, Newhall School 1939.

NW2001 - Wedding of Walter R. Cook and Pearl Walk, Newhall Pass, 1920 (14 Views).

Paul Cordeiro, Superintendent, Newhall School District, 2015-2018.

Remembering Antonio F. Coronel, 1817-1894 • HSSC 1900.

MC0000 - Miguel "Mike" Corralejo Family Photos

SR0000 - Courtemanche Family Photos (Founders: French Village, National Forest Inn, Tumble Inn).

SR1301 - Grave Markers: Alfred & Emma Courtemanche, National Forest Inn & French Village.

Clem & Paula Cox Family Photos

CC8501 - Portrait of Leona Cox.

HS3021 - Charles Crocker, Southern Pacific President, 1870s.

LW2693 - Terry Crossland, 10, of Newhall, Wades Through a Sea of Tumbleweeds, 1-16-1965.

LW2438 - Henry & Dolores Crowell, Autry Performer & Melody Ranch Manager.

ID2101 - Lyman & Lillian Curtis, St. Francis Dam Victims, 1921.

ID2101 - Marjorie, Mazie & Danny Curtis, St. Francis Dam Victims, 1926-1928 (Multiple Views).

Zonta Honors Dianne Curtis, Cheri Fleming for Global Impact • by Michele E. Buttelman, KHTS, 11-7-2014.

NL9902 - Gary M. Cusumano, President & CEO, Newhall Land.


Lester Dalbey, Pioneer of Hart High by Mary Catherine (Dalbey) Troka, 9-1-2001

COC Local History Project: Doreetha Daniels, Agua Dulce Resident, Video 4-14-2009.

COC Student Doreetha Daniels Tackling Statistics at 98 College of the Canyons, 10-31-2014

CO1501 - Doreetha Daniels, 99, Makes History as COC's Oldest Graduate, Multiple Views, 6-5-2015.

LW2828 - Santa Clarita City Council Honors Doreetha Daniels, COC's Oldest Graduate, 7-14-2015.

LW2842 - Doreetha Daniels Honored by Supervisor Antonovich Upon Her 100th Birthday, 4-26-2016

Jo Anne Darcy's Photo Collection

Jo Anne Darcy Photo Album

BW8701 - Jo Anne Darcy for City Council Campaign Brochure, 1987.

LW3138 - Jo Anne Darcy for City Council Campaign Button, n.d. (1987-2002).

LW2415a - State Sen. Ed Davis Stumps for Park Bond, 1992.

LW2415b - State Sen. Ed Davis at Dedication of Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon, 3 Views, 10-23-1992.

Ed Davis: A True Public Servant by Hunt Braly • The Signal, 4-30-2006

LW2757 - Inscribed Portrait of Lucretia del Valle at Charles Lummis House (El Alisal), n.d.

Lucretia del Valle Selected as "Typical California Girl" Sunset magazine, July 1914.

LW2759 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Christens S.S. President Cleveland, 6-24-1946.

LW3119 - Ambassador & Mrs. Henry Grady (Lucretia del Valle) Depart for Washington, 4-4-1947.

LW3106 - Ambassador & Mrs. Henry Grady (Lucretia del Valle) Arrive in India, 6-30-1947.

LW2887 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Promotes Women's Suffrage in Iran, 1950.

LW2532 - Reginaldo F. del Valle, Politician, 3 Views, 1913.

Reginaldo F. Del Valle, Politician & SCV Landowner: Biography During Life Pen Pictures for L.A. County, 1889.

LW3543 - R.F. Del Valle Recognized as UCLA's "Latino Forefather," 5-24-2019.

LW2052 - Ygnacio del Valle, Landowner, 1808-1880.

Ygnacio del Valle, SCV Landowner & L.A. Civic Leader Pen Pictures for L.A. County, 1889.

Ygnacio del Valle Family Tree.

HS9028 - Envelope Addressed to Ygnacio del Valle, Postmarked Newhall, 6-2-1884.

Antonio & Ygnacio Del Valle's Roles in Privatizing Mission San Fernando, 1830s-40s from Engelhardt: San Fernando Rey, 1927.

Del Valle Family Played a Starring Role in Early California by Cecilia Rasmussen • L.A. Times, 11-11-2001.

Tom Dierckman, 2012 SCV Man of the Year5-4-2012

DB4801 - Charlie Dillenbeck Sr. on the Crocker Ranch in Sand Canyon, 2 Views, 1940s.

DB6304 - Bonnie Dillenbeck, Miss Tri-Canyon (Mint, Sand, Soledad), 1963.

DB5801 - Jennifer Dillenbeck (Moore), George Conrad, Ace Cain, 1958. 2 Views.

DI7101 - Sharon Tolbert (Divis), Candy Striper, Inter-Valley Community Hospital, 1971.

Rev. Samuel Dixon, Val Verde Leader by Tracey LaMonica • The Signal, 12-2-2005.

SG7301 - Rev. Samuel Dixon, 1973 SCV Man of the Year.

LW2564 - Jonathan S. Dodge, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor, 1917-1921.

LW9502 - City Formation Committee: Art & Glo Donnelly, Laurene Weste, 1995-96.

SG9900 - Warren M. Dorn, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor, 1956-1972.

GD5301 - Eugene & Maxine Doty Family, Newhall ~1953.

GD1801 - Jesse Doty, Newhall's First Ford Dealer. Multiple Photos 1914-1951.

Bob Downs, Hart High Music Instructor, 1960s by Darryl Manzer • The Signal, 1-2-2005

JN5501 - Emilia Appelzoller Duran, Newhall Ranch resident, pre-1963.

JN4801 - Esther Duran (Dyer), Beauty Queen, at Home on Newhall Ranch, 2 Views, ~1950.

COC Local History Project: Esther (Duran) Dyer, Video 4-15-2009.

JN4102 - Lillian Duran at Newhall Land Irrigation Reservoir, Pre-Valencia, 1940s.

Commodore Perry Dyer, Pioneer of the Soledad by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 2002.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Willis Dyer, Agua Dulce ApiaristThe Signal, 9-6-1985.

George Walters and the Dyer Family by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 1998.


HB2801 - Gold Badge Awarded to Officer Thornton Edwards for Bravery During St. Francis Dam Disaster, 1928.

Sue Endress, 2015 SCV Woman of the Year, Video 5-1-2015.

AL1968 - Elizabeth Evans, Saugus resident who was shot during Robert F. Kennedy assassination, 6-6-1968.

Rev. W.H. Evans to Celebrate 15th Anniversary in Newhall The Newhall Signal • 7-4-1929


Broome Killing Reopens Questions About Hattie Farmer's Murder Los Angeles Sunday Herald, 1-25-1903.

The Murder of Harriet Melrose Farmer, 1890 Story by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch Jan.-Feb. 2014.

The Hunt for Harriet Farmer's Killer News Reports, 1890.

HB1301 - Graves of Harriet Farmer & Nancy Melrose, 3-16-2013.

LW3545 - Sen. Felton (Mentryville School Namesake) Stumps for Stricter Chinese Exclusion Act, 4-21-1892.

SC1312 - Frank Ferry, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1998-2014.

Principal Vince Ferry, Saugus High, Honored by Council on School Culture • April 6, 2020.

FW3701 - Lifelong Newhall Resident Melba Walker Fisher, 1916-2015, Multiple Views.

Melba Walker Fisher: 80-Year-Old Stays On the Go • L.A Daily News, 6-30-1996.

Video - Melba Walker Fisher Returns to Walker Cabin, 1-8-2011.

Zonta Honors Cheri Fleming, Dianne Curtis for Global Impact • by Michele E. Buttelman, KHTS, 11-7-2014.

LW2229 - John Ford, Film Director.

AL9301 - Letter from County School Superintendent to W.N. Forker of Newhall, 12-15-1893.

AL9901 - $500 Homeowners Ins. Policy FBO W.N. Forker of Newhall, 6-8-1899.

John C. Fremont.

LW2069 - Maj. Gen. John C. Frémont, "The Pathfinder." Engraving.

LW2225 - Gen. John C. Frémont, carte de visite, 1850s-1860s.

LW2696 - John C. Frémont for President, Campaign Medal, 1856.

LW2224 - John C. Frémont for President, Shell Card, 1864.

LW2602 - Circle of Friends Medal No. 9: John C. Fremont, 1913.

Tom Frew & Sons, Newhall Blacksmiths by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, December 1996

TF1000 - Tom Frew II, Newhall Blacksmith. 28K.

HS5001 - Barbara Fullstone at Newhall Ranch House, ~1950s.

LW2019 - Juan José Fustero, Tataviam Indian, c. 1910s.

LW2141 - Juan José Fustero: Death Certificate, 6-30-1921.


Henry T. Gage: Biographical Information.

Henry T. Gage: Genealogical Information.

LW2132 - Henry T. Gage, California Governor & Acton Gold Mine Owner.

LW2091 - Henry T. Gage, California Governor & Acton Gold Mine Owner, Campaign Button, 1898.

LW2226 - Henry T. Gage, Governor, and Jacob H. Neff, Lt. Governor, Campaign Button, 1898.

AG9901 - Henry T. Gage: Inaugural Ball Program (2 Views), Jan. 9, 1899.

Year of the Rat: Acton Gold Miner vs. San Francisco's Bubonic Plague • By Leon Worden, 4/21/2020.

AP3213 - Henry T. Gage & the Red Rover Mine, 1890-1912.

LW2546 - Henry T. Gage, Calif. Governor & Acton Gold Mine Owner.

Francisco Garcia: Centenarian Says He and Lopez Discovered Gold Los Angeles Times, 4-3-1896.

JO1201 - Sam Garrett, Rodeo Cowboy & Sand Canyon Rancher (Multiple Views), 1892-1989.

LW2732 - Crypt of Mark T. Gates Sr., Founder, Eternal Valley Memorial Park, 1907-1972.

AP1723 - Dr. Vincent Gelcich, Early Pico Oil Field Promoter & Investor. 2 Views

JB2804 - Louise Gipe, Switchboard Operator, St. Francis Dam Disaster Heroine, 1928.

Louise Gipe, Heroine of St. Francis Dam Disaster, Attempts Suicide • News Reports, April 1928.

FC1101 - Joseph Gottardi and Frances Abalos, Wedding, 1-13-1912.

FC2101 - St. Francis Dam Survivor Alvina Gottardi (Guadagno), Photo Gallery.

St. Francis Dam Survivor Alvina Gottardi's 1930 Fillmore High School Yearbook.

FC4001 - St. Francis Dam Survivor Joseph Gottardi, Post-Disaster, n.d.

Cheryl Gray, 2014 Santa Clarita Valley Woman of the Year.

GU0000 - Bob & Arminta Guthrie Family Photos (SPRR's Last Saugus Station Agent).

Photo Gallery: Saugus Station Agent James Guthrie Still Sends Train Orders the Old-Fashioned Way • The Signal, 10-10-1967.

Video: Last SPRR Saugus Depot Agent Bob Guthrie's Retirement Party, 7-12-1986

Bob Guthrie, Last Saugus Stationmaster, Pays a Visit by Judy Mook • The Signal, 11-30-2003

Don G., Aggie & Newhall Hardware by Dan Hon • The Gazette, Nov.-Dec. 1995


LW3035 - Discussion: Emile Haddad (Newhall Ranch Developer) and Thomas H. Nielsen (Former Valencia Developer), Video 2016.

AP3103 - J.J. & Minnie Haisch at their Acton General Store, 1923.

AP3303 - Acton Postmaster & General Merchant John J. Haisch, ~1920s.

GS3001 - "Cap" Harmon and his Gold Mining Sluice, Placerita Canyon, 1890s-1900s.

HB6801 - Greg & Mike Hammermeister at Old Orchard I Clubhouse Pool, Sept. 1968.

Oilman Harvey Hardison Among Casualties in Fatal Tunnel Explosion • 4-4-1890.

LW2853 - Santa Paula Mining & Reduction Co. Stock Cert. Issued to L.M. Hardison, 7-30-1901.

Oil Pioneer & Newspaperman Wallace L. Hardison Killed in Collision with Locomotive • 4-10-1909.

LW2403 - St. Francis Damkeeper Tony Harnischfeger & Family, n.d.

SG6001 - George Harris, C.M. MacDougall & Ronald Reagan at Hart High, 9-17-1962.

Norman Harris: Man With a Tale of Two (Sister) Cities • The Signal, 2/1968.

President Benjamin Harrison Passes Through SCV (Without Stopping) • 4-24-1891.

LW2429 - James M. Harter, Newhall Ranch (Newhall Land, 1992-99).

Oral History with Frederick Bailey Haskell, 5-8-1988.

Death of John C. Haskell, Saugus Rancher Los Angeles Herald, 7-3-1909.

Bill Hawley, Winner, 1st Annual Duffers Tournament, Valencia Country Club, 6-3-1966.

LW2535 - Tippi Hedren with Pet Raven, Buddy; Look Magazine 12-4-1962.

LW2777 - Tippi Hedren, Publicity Photo, 1985.

SC9611 - Jan Heidt, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-2000.

DH2101 - Tony & Geneva Dean Held & Sons, Agua Dulce Homesteaders (Multiple Photos), 1920s.

EH5001 - Ernie Hickson's Placeritos (Melody) Ranch Photos, 1940s. Slideshow, 22 Images.

EH5101 - Patricia Ann Hickson Visits Placeritos Ranch ~1951.

U.S. Rep. Katie Hill: First 100 Days (Video Highlights), 2019.

U.S. Rep. Katie Hill Announces Resignation from Congress 10-27-2019.

SG0305 - Honby Men's Club, 1968.

LW2243 - Lou Henry (Hoover) at R.E. Nickel's Store, 8-22-1891.

Mrs. Herbert Hoover Tells of Time in Acton by Meryl Adams, 1988.

Mrs. Herbert Hoover Corrects Record About Her Summers in Acton by Alan Pollack, 1-2010.

LW2487 - Mark Hopkins, Treasurer, Central Pacific Railroad. Intaglio Print from Original ABNCo. Plate, 1950s.

Wade Albert Horton, Wealthy Mint Canyon Rancher, Slain in Botched Home-Invasion Robbery News reports, 1930-1932.

CN3201 - Opal Mayhue Houghton, Jessie E. Richards, Jessie Nourse Sackrider with Parade Horse, 7-4-1932.

CN3202 - Opal Mayhue Houghton Astride Horse, Happy Valley, 7-4-1932.

HS1804 - (3) Oil Paintings by W. Lloyd Houghton of Newhall, 20th Cent.

CN8001 - Father-Daughter: Lloyd Houghton and Betty Pember, n.d. (~1980).

LW2818 - (Margo Hudson) Margo's Boutique, $25 Good-for Token, 1980s.

AP2310 - Alexander Hume and Family at Home in Newhall ~1890.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Katherine Hyde, Castaic Activist The Signal, 12-2-1984.


LW2988 - Helen Hunt Jackson's Grave, Cheyenne Mountain, Colo. Souvenir Postcard 1912.

Life Lessons from the "Good Old Days" by Shelby Jacobs, Old Town Newhall Gazette, 2006.

HB1902 Photo Gallery: Columbia Memorial Space Center Features Shelby Jacobs, Hart Class of 1953 • 2018-2019.

Andy Jauregui: A Biographical Sketch by Noureen Baer, 7-25-1978.

LW3214 - James J. Jeffries, Prizefighter & Saugus Gunpowder Manufacturer, 1910.

LW3366 - James J. Jeffries vs. Jack Johnson, Reno, 7-4-1910.

LW3793 - (James) Jeffries & Kipper Billiard Parlor: Good-For Token, 1907-1910.

LW3586 - James J. Jeffries: Inside Those Ropes • The Saturday Evening Post, July-August 1935.

LW3597 - Gumball Prize: James J. Jeffries Boxing Glove Charm, ~1950s.

LW2660 - 1910 U.S. Census: Fred & Frances Cooke and William W. Jenkins Families.

The Story of Ranger Bill Jenkins of Castaic, 1835-1916 by Samuel Lanner Kreider, 4-16-1952.

AP2222 - William W. Jenkins, Castaic Land Baron, 1835-1916.

TLP1601 - William W. Jenkins: Death Certificate, 10-19-1916.

Castaic Range War: Jenkins-Chormicle Feud Revisited by Dr. Alan Pollack, Heritage Junction Dispatch, Sept.-Oct. 2014.

LW2247 - Mr. & Mrs. Martin Johnson, 1937 Newhall Plane Crash Victims.

Hi Jolly and the U.S. Camel Corps, Associated Press, 1940s.

Jones Family and the Newhall (former Swall) Hotel, 1920s-1950s by Patte Dee McKee, 3-18-2014


Newhall Excerpts from the Memoirs of QB Joe Kapp (Hart Class of 1955), 2020.

LW3727 - QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955) Welcomes Coach Pete Elliott to Cal, 1-16-1957.

LW3697 - Football Program Book: QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955) Leads Cal to 20-17 Win Over UCLA, 11-8-1958.

LW3688 - QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955): Nalley's CFL Coin, 1963.

LW3738 - Vikings QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955) Prepares for NFL Western Conference Playoffs, 12-26-1969.

LW3508 - Vikings QB Joe Kapp, Hart High 1955, Gears Up for Super Bowl IV, 1970.

LW3599 - The Toughest Chicano: Viking Quarterback Joe Kapp • Sports Illustrated, 7-20-1970.

LW3708 - Vikings Quarterback Joe Kapp: A Misfit Who Lives to Win • Sports Illustrated, 7-27-1970.

LW3742 - Vikings Quarterback Joe Kapp: We Were Just a Bunch of Party Poopers • Sports Illustrated, 8-3-1970.

SC1310 - Robert C. "Bob" Kellar, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2000—.

Patricia Westcott Kelly's Pico Canyon Scrapbook • 2001

LW2582 - Assemblyman Jim Keysor: Campaign Ephemera: A "Record" of Leadership (an LP Record), 1972.

Eleanore Kiersted: Picking Up the Pieces of SCV History • L.A. Daily News, 5-6-1996.

Rodney King: What Really Happened? For 3 SCV Cops, Another Chapter Endsby Leon Worden, 6-17-2012

About the Namesakes of the Kingsburry House • By Jerry Reynolds, 1989-1993.

PS1801 - Charles Kingsburry's Draft Card, 9-12-1918.

MS0232 - Charles Kingsburry Leads Sheriff's Posse, 7-4-1934.

SC9612 - Jill Klajic, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1990-1994 & 1996-2000.

Frank Knapp, Antiquarian Extraordinaire • The Signal 6-29-1980.

Frank Knapp Lives Hermit Existence in Wilds of Angeles Forest • L.A. Times 4-25-1983.

FILM - Maj. Wm. J. "Pete" Knight Sets World Speed, Altitude Records in X-15 Rocket Plane, 10-3-1967 • EAFB 10-3-2017.

LW2530 - Dennis M. Koontz, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-1990.

Kraszynski Sues to Recover Land Used for Original Oil Refinery at Lyon's Station, 1874.

Dorothy Lewis Kupcha's Memoirs of Life in Newhall, 1918-1931 • December 2003


CL0100 - Carol & Frenchy Lagasse, Pico Residents, 1967-1994. Color Photo, 1980s.

Ted Lamkin Collection of SCV History.

GL2401 - Newhall Resident Gladys Thibaudeau (Laney), Studio Portrait, 1920s.

Gladys Laney: Witness to 90 Years of History, by Margie Anne Clark • The Signal, 8-16-2000

VIDEO - Gladys Laney on Legacy: Santa Clarita's Living History, ~2002

LW2644 - Gladys Laney, Lifelong Newhall Resident, on her 104th Birthday, 7-16-2014

John Lang and the 1,600-pound Grizzly Bear of 1875 John Lang Letter to L.A. Herald, 7-17-1875.

HS9026 - Postcard, Handwritten by James G. Lang, Ordering Eggs, 3-6-1888.

John Lang: Biography During Life, with Bear Story Pen Pictures | Illustrated History of Los Angeles County 1889.

HS7530 - Original Portrait, John Lang Family, ~1889.

Florence LaRue Crowned Miss Val Verde 1965 (Pre-5th Dimension) • The Signal, 9-9-1965.

NL9903 - Marlee Lauffer, VP-Communications, Newhall Land.

COC Student Bill Leach a Semi-Finalist for Calif. Community College Awards, 3-28-1973.

Marked in Bark: Peter Lebeck's Curious Epitaph News reports, 1901.

George Lechler, Pioneer Piru Apiarist by Eleanor Quigley — Los Angeles Herald Illustrated Magazine, 3-16-1902.

NL9901 - Thomas L. Lee, 2000 SCV Man of the Year.

Video: Jim Lentini, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year.

Photo Album: Jim Lentini, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year.

Butterfly Doctor: Paul A. Levine, M.D., Lepidopteristby Jim Harris, 10-21-2012.

LW2083 - Col. Charles Lindbergh Goes Gliding in Lebec, Popular Mechanics Photo Essay, 1930.

LW2824 - Col. Charles Lindbergh with Experimental Glider in Lebec, 1930.

LW3044 - Col. Charles Lindbergh with Experimental Glider in Lebec, 1930.

LW3024 - Charles Lindbergh Dines with Press in Lebec Hotel Restaurant, February 1930.

Bill Lively, 2014 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year.

Big Oaks Lodge Owner George Logian Remembers the Old Country • The Signal, 12-17-1964.

Francisco Lopez Family

SGB03346 - Baptismal Data: Francisco Lopez (Gold Discoverer), 3-10-1802 (age 1 day).

SGB03987 - Baptismal Data: Pedro Lopez (Francisco's Brother), 6-29-1805 (newborn).

SGB03175 - Baptismal Data: Maria Antonia Felis (Francisco Lopez's Wife), 11-17-1800 (age 1 day).

BPB00632 - Baptismal Data: Maria Concepcion Lopez (Francisco's Daughter), 2-6-1823 (newborn).

SFRD01626 - Death Record Data: Maria Concepcion Lopez (Francisco's Daughter), d. 1-16-1825.

SGB07294 - Baptismal Data: Francisco Ramon Lopez (Francisco's Son), 3-10-1825 (age 1 day).

LAB00306 - Catalina Lopez (as Maria Catarina), Pedro's Daughter, LA-B00306, 11-16-1831 (newborn).

US8504 - Francisca Lopez de Belderrain, Source of Golden Dream Site & Story; Lopez Genealogy.

A Lopez Family Who's Who and What's What by Francisca L. de Belderrain, HSSC 1928.

US8502 - The other Francisco Lopez, n.d.

AA7010 - Thomas L. Lowe, President, Newhall Land, 1965-1971.

RN7001 - Thomas L. Lowe, President, Newhall Land, 1965-1971.

AA7402 - Henry Mayo Hospital Board Thanks Ex-Newhall Land President Tom Lowe, 1974.

LW2488 - Charles Fletcher Lummis: Historian, Preservationist, Indian Rights Activist.

Addi Lyon (Son of Sanford Lyon) in the News.

AP1334 - Sanford Lyon, SCV Pioneer and Entrepreneur.

The Brothers Lyon and Their Stagecoach Station by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, Sep.-Oct. 2012

Remarks on Cyrus and Sanford Lyon(s) from Harris Newmark's "Sixty Years in Southern California, 1853-1913."


AA7003 - Judge C.M. MacDougall, 3 Views, 1960s-1970s.

AA7002 - Judges C.M. MacDougall and Adrian Adams, 1970.

John Mann, Historical Society President • The Signal, 2-21-2001.

WAY BACK WHEN: Commentaries by Darryl Manzer • The Signal, 2004-05

The Only Kid In Mentryville by Darryl Manzer • The Gazette, Spring 1997

KT0100 - Alton & Pat Manzer, Pico Residents, 1960-1966. Color Photo, 1950s.

KT0110 - Darryl Manzer, Pico Resident, 1960-1966. Photo, 1968.

MA8601 - Terry Martin, CPA, at SCV Dodger Night, 2 Views, 5-21-1986.

Stephen T. Mather: From SCV Borax Magnate to Founder of the National Park SystemExerpts from "Steve Mather of the National Parks" by Robert Shankland, 1951.

About Matthew McCormick, Mentry's Assistant in the Pico Oil Field, 1880s-1890s

Laina McFerren, 2017 Santa Clarita Valley Woman of the Year

Dr. J. Michael McGrath, Superintendent 1972-1997 • Video Interview 8/7/2017.

LW2758 - Gov. Pete Wilson & Rep. Buck McKeon, Campaign Rally in Valencia, 1994.

Video - Farewell Parade for Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Buck McKeon • The Pentagon 9-12-2014.

Video - Buck McKeon: A Legacy of Service • SCVTV 9-25-2014.

Video - Buck McKeon: Passage of HR5742: Soledad Canyon Settlement Act (Cemex) • 12-11-2014.

2018 Silver Spur Recipient: Howard "Buck" McKeon • Documentary Video 3-24-2018.

RL1501 - Opal Mayhue & Irene Ruiz McKibben in Newhall, c. 1910-15.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Irene Ruiz McKibben (1898-1995) • The Signal 11-25-1984.

Atholl McBean by Alan Pollack, 2011.

SD1403 - Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles County Sheriff, 2014—.

SC1313 - Marsha A. McLean, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2002—.

NL9904 - Greg McWilliams, President, Newhall Land.

LW2859 - Accomplice Lester F. Mead Confesses to Role in 1929 Saugus Train Robbery, 11-1929.

CH1070 - Charles Alexander Mentry, Oil Driller.

Charles Alexander Mentry: Biography During Life Pen Pictures | Illustrated History of Los Angeles County 1889.

Some Notes About Alec Mentry's Birth Name by Leon Worden • 3-1-2014

The Mysterious Disappearance and Death of Alec Mentry's Father News Reports • 1886-1899

AS0001 - Charles Alexander Mentry's Death Certificate: Shows Typhoid Fever, 10-4-1900.

How did Alex Mentry die? by John Boston • The Signal, 10-4-2001.

HM7701 - Dick Millar, 1976 SCV Man of the Year.

Thomas F. Mitchell, Soledad Canyon Pioneer and – Killer? by Alan Pollack, 11-2013.

JE0101 - Chuck Morey (Chevron), Irene Ahlheim (Redwood Village Restaurant), 2001.

Mulholland Doesn't Deserve Ridicule for St. Francis Commentary by Pony Horton, 4-26-1998.

The Rise and Fall of William Mulholland by Alan Pollack, 11-2007.

AL1913 - (William Mulholland): Invitation to Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles Aqueduct, November 5, 1913.

AL1951 - (William Mulholland): Los Angeles Aqueduct, Opening Ceremonies, November 5, 1913 (7 Views).

LA2401 - William Mulholland in the Field, n.d.

LW2054 - William Mulholland, Civil Engineer & St. Francis Dam Builder

LW2206 - William Mulholland, Civil Engineer & St. Francis Dam Builder

LW2739 - William Mulholland, Pencil or Charcoal Sketch, n.d.

LW2402 - William Mulholland Memorial Fountain at Griffith Park, 1940s.

DH2301 - Walter Murphy & Tony Held, Hunting in Soledad Canyon, 1920s. 83K.

LW2335 - Eddie Murray, Baseball Hall of Famer & Valencia Car Dealer. Topps All-Star Rookie card, 1978.

Dee Dee Myers, First Female White House Press Secretary (Hart High 1979).

John William Myers: Opened School at Elizabeth Lake; Newhall Schoolteacher 1884-1886.


Remi Nadeau (1821-1887): From Miller to Hotelier, by Henriette Nadeau (French and English Versions), 2017.

Uncle Remi Nadeau by Marilyn Nadeau Chrisman, 7-20-2007.

Remi Nadeau: Which is Which? Letter from Marilyn Nadeau Chrisman, 8-11-2003.

AP2602 - Henry Clay Needham, Prohibitionist.

Henry Clay Needham from Pen Pictures From the Garden of the World, 1889

"My First Wild Turkey" by Henry Clay Needhamn ~1900

AL1901 - Henry Clay Needham, Pearl Oil Company Stock Certificate, 1901.

GL3001 - Prohibitionist Henry Clay Needham and Family Members, Needham Ranch, 2 Views, ~1930.

Notes on My Grandfather, H. Clay Needham by Marjorie L. (Segerstrom) Coffill, 2000.

Henry Clay Needham: A Different Vision for Newhall by Leon Worden • Valley Living Magazine, February 2006

HS9005 - The Needham Piano & Organ (11 Views), December 2001.

HB1906 - Newcomb Family: Martha's Cafe, Oak Glen Auto Court & Gas Station, 3 Views, ~Late 1940s.

LW2915 - HMN Grandson Almer M. Newhall Makes First Long-Distance Call from S.F. to Buenos Aires, 1930.

RN0108 - George Almer Newhall (1862-1929), President, Newhall Land.

LW3263 - Letter from George A. Newhall (HMN Son) to Mrs. William McKinley on Death of Husband, 10-13-1901.

RN0114 - George A. Newhall Jr. & Walter Scott Newhall (Grandsons of Henry M.), 1912.

LW3564 - Stock Certificate: California Bank (of Los Angeles), Signed by H.G. Newhall, President, 1888. Rare.

The Story of Henry Mayo Newhall and the Newhall Foundation • Documentary Video 4-11-2015.

About Henry Mayo Newhall from the H.M. Newhall Foundation, 2000

Henry Newhall Builds An Empire by Leon Worden • The Signal, June 1995

AP1335 - Henry Mayo Newhall, Town Founder.

LW3325 - Graves of Henry Mayo Newhall & Heirs, Wyatt Earp, H.H. Bancroft, more.

LW3583 - Henry Mayo Newhall Signed Free Pass to Ride on His Railroad, Valid Thru 1-1-1870.

LW3756 - H.M. Newhall & Co. Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, Advertisement, 1867-1874.

LW2182 - (H.M. Newhall): Billhead from H.M. Newhall & Co. Auctioneers, 4-15-1870.

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AL1870 - (H.M. Newhall): Receipt from San Francisco & San Jose Railroad Depot, 8-3-1870.

AL1873 - (H.M. Newhall): Billhead from H.M. Newhall & Co. Auctioneers, 9-14-1873.

RN7301 - Henry Mayo Newhall's 5 Sons: Henry G., William Mayo, Edwin, Walter, George, 1873.

LW2050 - (H.M. Newhall): Billhead from Newhall Sons & Co. Auctioneers, 7-18-1881.

Death of H.M. Newhall • (San Francisco, CA) California Spirit of the Times and Underwriters' Journal, 3-18-1882

The Reading of Henry Mayo Newhall's Will • San Francisco Examiner, 3-21-1882.

LW2131 - Site of H.M. Newhall's Auction House in San Francisco, 2001. Color.

LW2106 - (H.M. Newhall & Co.): Newhall Quality California Sardines - Label, 1920s.

Jon Newhall, Signal Publisher, 6-11-1968.

LW2849 - Scott & Ruth Newhall Prepare to Embark on World Cruise, April 1936.

HS9030 - Ruth & Scott Newhall, Newspaper Publishers, at The S.F. Chronicle, ca. 1940s.

TN4401 - Scott Newhall with sons Skip, Tony, Jon at Stinson Beach, 1944.

Scott Newhall Buys The Signal • The Signal, 10-31-1963.

RN3001 - Family Photos: Ruth & Scott Newhall, Owners-Editors, The Signal, 7 Views.

Scott Newhall: "I'm Calling You Out, Art Evans" • The Signal, 12-23-1965.

LW2422 - Liberation of Anguilla Dollar Coin by Scott Newhall, 1967.

TN1968 - Scott Newhall at the San Francisco Chronicle, 1968.

AL2069 - Scott Newhall Salvaging the Eppleton Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, 1969.

LW3081 - Scott Newhall's Eppleton Hall Tugboat Enters Golden Gate, March 1970.

LW2964 - Scott Newhall for Mayor of San Francisco, Pinback, 1971.

LW2255 - Press Photo: Scott Newhall for Mayor of San Francisco, 1971.

LW2424 - Signal Silver Ingot by Scott Newhall, ~1973.

UC8901 - Scott Newhall: A Newspaper Editor's Voyage (Oral History, 1988-1989), ~700 pgs.

TN9301 - SCV Boys & Girls Club Tribute Dinner Honoring Ruth Newhall, 11-13-1993.

GT8201 - Scott Newhall and the Signal Girls at the Piru Mansion, ca. 1986.

TN1989 - Ruth & Scott Newhall at the Piru Mansion, 1989.

The Life and Times of Scott Newhall, California Publishing's Brilliant Barnum • California Business 7/1989.

SG9101 - Ruth & Scott Newhall Receive COC Foundation's Silver Spur Award, 10-12-1991.

SG9102 - Ruth Newhall Barbecues NLF Exec Tom Lee at 1991 Zonta Roast • The Signal, 11-12-1991.

SG9301 - Ruth Newhall Honored by SCV Historical Society, 2-10-1993.

SG9302 - Ruth Newhall at the Piru Mansion, 3-24-1993.

Video: Ruth Newhall: Biographical Interview; 90th Birthday 7-2-2000

An Ode to Ruth Newhall on Her 90th Birthday by John Boston • The Signal, 7-2-2000

Life & Times Of Scott Newhall by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, Jan.-Feb. 1996

RN1000 - Scott Newhall, Newspaperman. Color Photo, 1960s.

RN1100 - Scott Newhall, Newspaperman, 1981.

LW7103 - Rival Newspaper Publishers Tony Newhall & Jackie Storinsky, 1971.

LW2590 - Marriage License: Rudolph F. Nickel & Viola E. Percival, 7-16-1926.

LW3035 - Discussion: Emile Haddad (Newhall Ranch Developer) and Thomas H. Nielsen (Former Valencia Developer), Video 2016.


John Olmstead's Live Oak Manor Cacti Gardens (Needham Ranch) • News reports, 1930s.


Catherine Pardee: Settlement of Estate • 9-23-1918

Ed Pardee: Keeper of Peace, Maker of News By Dr. Alan Pollack • Dispactch, Jan.-Feb. 2013

HS9904 - Ed Pardee and Prize Horse, Newhall, 1890s.

LW2051 - Ed Pardee, Lawman.

HS9903 - Fred Pardee and Future Newhall Old-Timers, 1890s.

HS9905 - Pardee Family Members, Newhall or Pico Canyon, ~1880s.

HS9906 - Pardee Family Photos: Unknown, ~1890s.

> See Pearle Pardee below, under Russell

LW2802 - Biography of Mayor George Pederson, LASD, 1924-2015.

LW2801 - George Pederson, U.S. Navy 1943-1946.

LW2529 - George Pederson, SCV Man of the Year, 1997.

LW2643 - Betty Houghton Pember, 1980 SCV Woman of the Year.

CN8001 - Father-Daughter: Lloyd Houghton and Betty Pember, n.d. (~1980).

Ramon Perea, San Francisquito Canyon Rancher by Joanne Holm • December 2000

Ramon Perea: A Forgotten Name at Pico by Leon Worden • The Signal, 2-17-2004

TS1915 - Graves of Ramon & Antonia Perea. Color photograph, 3-2002.

AP0815 - A.B. Perkins Addresses Hart High Graduates, 1949.

DI5001 - Arthur B. Perkins at Work, Newhall Water Company, ~1950.

AP0828 - Arthur B. Perkins, Historian, c. early 1950s.

SG6002 - Historian A.B. Perkins at The Signal, ~1960.

LW2232 - Arthur B. Perkins, Oustanding Citizen of the Year, 1964.

Profile: Arthur B. Perkins Uncovers Santa Clarita Valley History • Los Angeles Times, 1-2-1977

Young A.B. Perkins in Nevada by David Desmond • January 2001

Perkins Perseverance: Part of SCV's Water History By Nancy Jordan • NCWD, June 2001

AP1912 - Frances Phillips, SCV's First Car Owner, Driving in Placerita Canyon, 1910.

LW3112 - Hart Park Boss Norm Phillips Promoted to Castaic Lake •, 10-4-2016.

John Phippen: 1 SCV Resident Among 58 Killed, Several Others Wounded in Las Vegas Shooting, 10-1-2017 • SCVNews, 10/2017.

Did Andres Pico Really Harvest Oil in the 1850s? by Stan Walker • 11-17-2014

LW2175 - Peter J. Pitchess, Los Angeles County Sheriff, 1961.

LW2468 - Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess, 1912-1999 (1953-1982).

Dr. Alan Pollack and the SCV Historical Society • The Signal, 5-12-2019.

Judge John F. Powell and the Law in Soledad Township by Leon Worden • The Signal, March 8 & 15, 2003 (2 parts)

HS9013 - John F. Powell, Justice of the Peace, 1875-89 and 1900-23.

HS9014 - John F. Powell at His Office in Newhall, 1903.

AL1893 - Postcard, From John F. Powell, Ordering Pilsener beer, 6-20-1893.

LW2305 - Mel Powell, Founding Dean, CalArts School of Music.

Video - Kenneth R. Pulskamp, Santa Clarita City Manager 2002-2012.


LW3598 - The Four Faces of Jerry Quarry • The Ring, 7/1969.

LW3378 - Boxer Jerry Quarry Bloodied in Fight with Ali, 10-26-1970.

LW3398 - What Now, Quarrys? Jerry Loses to Ali, Mike to Bob Foster • Boxing Illustrated, 9/1972.

LW3394 - Will George Foreman Defend His Heavyweight Title Against Jerry Quarry? • The Ring, 6/1973.

LW3476 - Why Jerry Quarry Can Beat Muhammad Ali • World Boxing, 7/1974.

LW3520 - Ali-Foreman Preview by Jerry Quarry; Quarry vs. Joe Alexander • World Boxing, 9/1974.

LW3379 - Baseball Cap: Jerry Quarry's Boxer Training Camp at Big Oaks Lodge, 1980s.

LW3709 - Jerry Quarry Signed Boxing Glove & Photo, n.d.


RJ1010 - Joseph and Della Raggio with King Snake at Raggio Ranch, ~1940s.

Meet Ravi Rajan, President of California Institute of the Arts • élite Magazine, February-March 2020.

'Placerita Gold': Phil Rawlins by Linda Tarnoff • PCPOA News, December 2006.

LW2184 - Jerry Reynolds, SCV Historian, 1937-1996.

LW2426 - John M. Reardon, Valencia National Bank, 1994-2002 (2007).

Growing Up in Newhall in the 1950s by Bill Rice, September 2000

Remember When? Newhall-Saugus in the 1950s by Bill Rice, 5-14-2014.

1959 Hart Grad Bill Rice to Enter Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame by Leon Worden, 1-19-2015.

CN3201 - Opal Mayhue Houghton, Jessie E. Richards, Jessie Nourse Sackrider with Parade Horse, 7-4-1932.

Sarah Ware Robinson: Search for "Owner" of Curious Acton Tombstone Leads to England • by Tricia Lemon Putnam, 9-7-2014.

Conversations with Maurice Roderick: Reminiscences of Newhall in the 1920s.

Photo Gallery: Lionel Rolfe, Signal Reporter and Future L.A. Author, 6-11-1968.

Gallery - Alvino Romero's 1912 Homestead Cabin in Romero Canyon, 13 Views, 3-28-2014.

William D. Ross, DDS, and the History of Newhall Dentistry • From Brunner's 1940 History.

The Mysterious Gunshot Death of Margaret Routledge, 1-24-1916.

LW2737 - Billy Rowland, L.A. County Sheriff 1872-76, 1879-82; Captor of Vasquez.

LW3631 - (Rancho Camulos Owner) August Rübel's Billiwhack Dairy: 3-Gal. Milk Can, ~1920s.

NT1102 - August Rübel at His Writing Desk, Rancho Camulos, ~1940.

NT1026 - August Rübel and Johnny Dingtoes, a Parrot, Rancho Camulos, ~1940.

NT1019 - August Rübel & Gerald Rübel, Rancho Camulos, 1942.

NT1101 - August Rübel, American Field Service Uniform, WWII (1940s).

NT1039 - Grave Marker of August Rübel, Rancho Camulos Owner, North Africa American Cemetery (1943).

NT1033 - Baby Shirley Rübel with Bulldog, Rancho Camulos, ~1928.

NT1013 - Birthday Party for Shirley and Nathalie Rübel, Rancho Camulos, ~1931.

HB1901 - Enrique (Henry) and Rosaria Ruiz, St. Francis Dam Victims, Ruiz Ranch, n.d.

RL1401 - Irene Ruiz's Newhall Grammar School Diploma, 1914.

BR5120 - Bill Rundberg, Pico Resident, 1948-1953. Photo, 1951.

MS0279 - Charles & Carol Rupprecht, 7-4-1947.

HS9902 - Pearle Pardee (Russell) with Pet Pigs, Newhall, ~Late 1890s.

HS9901 - Pearle Pardee Russell with Pug and Mule, Newhall, n.d.


CN3201 - Opal Mayhue Houghton, Jessie E. Richards, Jessie Nourse Sackrider with Parade Horse, 7-4-1932.

Robert Sagehorn, CLWA General Manager, 1980-2002 by Leon Worden • The Signal, 9-27-01

LW2491 - Roger Salkeld, Major League Pitcher, Saugus High Grad, 1990 Topps Rookie Card.

All About Earl Schmidt: Rancher, Airport Owner, Civic Leader (1906-1979) by Cassandra Skaggs, 5-4-2017

SK6101 - Helm Schmidt Jr. Home, 25212 Atwood Blvd., 1961.

NL9905 - Steve Schmidt, 2001 SCV Man of the Year.

LW2705 - John L. Scott, Interim Los Angeles County Sheriff, 2014.

CN8004 - Margaret, Marlen Seltzer Donate Desk from Ore Bercaw's 1906 Saugus Store.

Dr. Irvin A. Shimmin, Wm. S. Hart School District Superintendent, 1951-1963.

Jack, Doreen Shine to Receive 2017 COC Silver Spur COC Foundation, 10-11-2016

Recollections of a Boy Ranger by Mike Shuman, July 1998

Mike Shuman, Placerita Principal, 1919-2000 by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 8-15-2000

GA7001 - Cecil Sims, Original Hart High School Faculty Member.

SZ2701 - Portrait of Charles E. Sitzman, Pico Oil Field Superintendent 1927-1937.

SR2701 - Baby Book of Richard Bruitt Smith, b. 3-14-1927; St. Francis Dam Entry.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Ted "Bones" Sloan, LAPD (Sloan Canyon) • The Signal, 12-16-1984

CS1801 - Clyde Hamilton Smyth, Bronco Buster, 2 Views.

LW2809 - H. Clyde Smyth, Ed.D., Superintendent, Wm. S. Hart Union High School District.

CS9601 - H. Clyde Smyth, Ed.D., Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1994-1998.

Candy Spahr, 2011 SCV Woman of the Year5-6-2012

Nancy Starczyk (Chair) & SCV Chamber of Commerce Board, 2020.

Lyman Stewart, Christian Oil DrillerBIOLA University.

Remembering Louden Stanford, Newhall's Own John Muirby Dennis McLane, 2017.

HS3022 - Leland Stanford, Central Pacific President, 1870s.

SC1202 - Kenneth W. Striplin, Ed.D., City Manager 2012—.

Eric Stroh, 2017 SCV Man of the Year

RB0000 - Photo Collection: Contable-Deputy Benjamin Franklin Summers (23 Views).

AP1413 - Harvester J.A. "Jake" Swall Sr. & Sons, 1890s.

WR5903 - Newhall Residents John Swallow, Bill Rice, Richard Schaub. 72K.


LW2239 - Thomas Thorkildsen, Co-owner, Sterling Borax Works.

BT1892 - Charles Edward Tolfree, Tolfree Eating House, Saugus (Saugus Cafe).

BT1893 - J. Herbert Tolfree, Tolfree Eating House, Saugus (Saugus Cafe).

Notes from Interview with Edward Toney, Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • 3-3-2002

Darius Towsley: Towsley Canyon's Namesake by Leon Worden • The Signal, 10-15-1997

Bobbie Trueblood's Old Newhall Memories by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, Spring 1996

Simeon Tucker, San Francisquito Canyon Rancher-Hotelier (1896-1902), Passport photo 1919.

Simeon Tucker, San Francisquito Canyon Rancher-Hotelier (1896-1902), Biographical Sketch 1921.


Terry Van Gorder: 1st Pres., Magic Mountain; Built Valencia Golf Courses, Indian Dunes • Obituary 3-2-2016

Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook: 25 Years at the Helm of COC • College of the Canyons, 7-1-2013

One-On-One with COC Chancellor Dianne G. Van Hook • College of the Canyons, Fall 2013

COC Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook Receives Key to City of Santa Clarita, 10-26-2013

HS3020 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit.

LW3137 - Birthplace & Childhood Home of Outlaw Tiburcio Vasquez, Monterey.

A la Señorita, por Tiburcio Vasquez, n.d.

Vasquez and the Tres Pinos Horror • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 9-4-1873

The Vasquez Gang • (San Diego) The World, 9-20-1873

Vasquez. Daring Robbery Near Camulos • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 10-23-1873

Taking of Kingston by Vasquez • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 12-29-1873

Vasquez Band Robs Kingston • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 1-1-1874

Vasquez, The Robber Raid On Kingston • (San Diego) The World, 1-3-1874

T. Vasquez: Letter from Varnum Westcott to Gov. Newton Booth • 1-12-1874

Confession of Charles W. Weeks, Vasquez Gang Member • February 1874.

Vasquez Captured at Last. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-15-1874

Vasquez Capture Confirmed • (San Diego) Evening World, 5-15-1874

Capture of Vasquez • (Vallejo, CA) The Daily People's Independent, 5-16-1874

Vasquez' History in Brief • (San Diego) The World, 5-18-1874

JE4001 - Tiburcio Vasquez: Portrait & Biography, 5-19-1874. 81K

Capture of Vasquez, A Question Of Honor • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 5-19-1874

The Jail Life of Vasquez. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-19-1874

The Scene of Vasquez' Capture. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-21-1874

Vasquez Captured • (Stockton, CA) Stockton Weekly Independent, 5-23-1874

Vasquez Captured • (New York, NY) The New York Times, 5-24-1874

Abdon Leiva's Version Of Vasquez gang Tres Pinos Massacre. • (San Francisco, CA) The Sunday Chronicle, 5-24-1874

Tiburcio Vasquez Trial and Murder Conviction At San Jose • Los Angeles Weekly Star, 1-16-1875

Vasquez Refused a New Trial By the Supreme Court • (San Jose, CA) The Weekly Argus, 3-13-1875

The Execution Of Vasquez! • (Sacramento) The Daily Bee, 3-19-1875

Tiburcio Vasquez Hanged At San Jose • New York Tribune, 3-20-1875

Execution of Vasquez, the Bandit • Dallas Daily Herald, 3-21-1875

The Haunts and Hideouts of Tiburcio Vasquez, by Will H. Thrall • So. Cal Historical Society Quarterly, June 1948

Tiburcio Vasquez, Lover-Bandit, by Dick Cox • Real West, November 1965

LW3068 - Tiburcio Vasquez Bubble Gum Card, 1966.

LW3413 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit King. By Bruno Coletti, The West, January 1967.

Remembering Chester A. Vaughn and Carefree 1940s Newhall, by Lynda Henderson, 4-28-2005

Paul T. Veluzat, 1898-2000, by Leon Worden & Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 4-12-2000

LW2104 - Paul T. Veluzat Honored in Congressional Record • 4-1-2001

Rene Veluzat Named 1975 SCV Man of the Year Van Nuys Valley News, 5-27-1975

HM7701 - Rene Veluzat, 1975 SCV Man of the Year.

LW2755 - NFL RB Shane Vereen, Valencia HS Class of 2007: 9th Grade School Photo.

HS2911 - "Buffalo" Tom Vernon, aka Tom Averill, Saugus Train Robber (1929).

The Great Saugus Train Robbery. • (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles Times, 11-11-1929

Very Corderly Yours: The Tom Averill Vernon Letters | Personal Correspondence to & from the 1929 Saugus Train Robber

CR5701 - "Buffalo" Tom Vernon, 1929 Train Robber, After Prison Release, 1957-58 (3 Views).

Tom Vernon and the Saugus Train Robbery by Dr. Alan Pollack • 11-2009

LW2992 - The Bogus Story of Tom Vernon and the Sweetwater Incident • Golden West, July 1967.


LW3625 - Bob Walk, MLB Pitcher (Phillies 1981), Hart Class of 1974. Fleer Baseball Card.

LW3376 - Bob Walk, MLB Pitcher (Braves 1982), Hart Class of 1974. Topps Baseball Card.

LW2194 - Bob Walk, MLB Pitcher (Pirates 1988), Hart Class of 1974. Topps Baseball Card.

LW3380 - Bob Walk Bobble Head (Pirates 2007), Hart Class of 1974.

The Walker Family of Placerita Canyon (Comprehensive History) by Leigh Nicolai-Moon • Placerita Canyon Nature Center Associates, 2002.

GS0000 - Index: George Starbuck's Walker Family Collection.

FW2010 - 7 Children of Frank and Hortense Walker, Late 1910s.

GS2801 - Frank and Hortense Walker with all 12 children, 1928.

A Golden Legacy: The Walker Family of Placerita Canyon by Norinne De Gal • The Signal, February 2000

Frances Walker Murder: Newhall Cop's Wife Slays 'Other Woman,' Gets Away With It San Diego Union, 10-6-1935

FW3501 - Melba and Irene Walker at Courthouse for Murder Trial, 1935.

George Walters and the Dyer Family by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 1998.

VS0000 - Joseph & Minnie Warmuth and Family, Sand Canyon (Multiple Views), 1920s-30s.

WY7702 - Joyce Wayman, 1976 SCV Woman of the Year.

HB1712 - Rosalind Wayman Riding at Pebble Beach, 8-16-1964.

HB1711 - Rosalind Wayman Riding at Onondarka, October 1964.

BW0000 - Bob Weber Collection.

SC1311 - Laurene Weste, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1998—.

The Librarian and The Cowboy: Mimi & Charlie White by David Desmond, March 2001.

LW3030 - Program Book: Dedication of Randy Wicks Memorial Wall at Valencia Library, May 22, 1997.

Henry Clay Wiley, Early L.A. & SCV Pioneer, 1829-1898 Los Angeles Times, 10-26-1898

Jack Williams, Stunt Double, Enjoys Newfound Tranquility by Stephen K. Peeples • The Signal, 4-25-2005

Recollecting My Neighbor, Tex Williams by Patti Rasmussen • Gazette, July-August 2006.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Warren Wilson: Veteran of 2 World Wars; Bermite, Postal WorkerThe Signal, 12-9-1984.

Marc Winger: New Chief For Newhall Schools By Patti Rasmussen, Old Town Newhall Gazette, 9/1997.

LW2534 - Dr. Marc Winger, Superintendent, Newhall School District, 1997—.

LW2596 - Marylynn Winkler (Butters), 9-year-old Hero of Castaic Plane Crash, Celebrated in True Comics Strip 4-18-1943

LW3761 - Winkler Homestead Road: Past and Future Meet at Castaic High School, 10-13-2020.

LW2231 - Sara Faye Wood, 1977 SCV Woman of the Year.

Local DAR to Honor Memory of Jean Woods, March 7, 2020.

Connie Worden Named 1975 SCV Woman of the Year Van Nuys Valley News, 5-27-1975

WY7702 - Connie Worden, 1975 SCV Woman of the Year.

Leon Worden, 2015 SCV Man of the Year, Video 5-1-2015.

Mary Wright, An Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • The Signal, 7-16-2002


LW3018 - Newhall's Ed Yanez, 1949 World Champion Team Roper, Photo 1953.

Oil's Well that Ends Well: Milfred Yant's Long Con Pays Off at Confusion Hill • TIME Magazine, 12-19-1949.

Yant's Last Laugh: Mother Nature Turns Tables on Con Man in Placerita Canyon by Alan Pollack, Dispatch, March-April 2017.

LW2451 - William E. Youle, Pioneer Oil Driller.

GL0101 - Harriet Young and Prominent Women of Newhall, with Children, 1901.

Walton Young Retires from Standard Oil Co. • The Signal, May 19, 1927


LW2428 - Steven D. Zimmer, Newhall Land, COC Board.

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