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"Big Coal Man"
Marcus Abad (Tony Alamo)

Marcus Abad. Mark Hoffman. Bernie Lazar Hoffman (his real name). Santa Claritans know him as Tony Alamo, the cult leader, tax evader and child sex trafficker who failed to complete his 175-year prison term in 2017.

Tony Alamo (b. 1934) suffered many delusions even before he established his "Holy Alamo Christian Foundation" compounds in Sleepy Valley (Mint Canyon) and Arkansas — among those being that he was a famous singer and that the "A" side of this rare 45-rpm record from 1964, "Little Yankee Girl," was a big hit.

"1937," seen here, is a catalog number, not a year.

A trio of pseudonyms are given writing credit: D. Hoffman, I. Brown and J. Zackery. "D. Hoffman" is Daniel David Hoffman, Bernie/Tony's brother, a radio disc jockey and Western songwriter. According to his obituary in the Missoulan (Montana), "DJ Dan," like his brothers Bernie (Tony) and Richard, was born in Joplin, Missouri. He studied acting at the University of Montana and eventually settled and established his family in Nashville where he served as news director and later music director for Nashville's top-40 music station, WKDA. He died in Nashville on December 28, 2005.

Nor do we know the identity of the producer, "Motivation Music." The "A" side was producded by Kim Fowley, who pushed out novelty and cult pop singles (a different meaning of "cult") in the 1960s.

45-rpm record purchased 2018 by Leon Worden from a vendor in the UK.

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"Little Yankee Girl" 1964


"Big Coal Man" 1964


"The Robot Walk" 1964


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Bill Clinton on Tony Alamo 2004


Alamo Ministering from Prison 2011


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Obituary 5/3/2017

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