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Dolores Cook Family at Cordova Ranch
Castaic, California

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Dolores Cook

Francis Olme Cook

Fred & Theodore Cook

Joseph Olme

The Dolores Cook family and members of the Cordova family gather on the porch of the Cordova ranch house for a photograph in about 1886. Today the Cordova Ranch is submerged beneath the manmade Castaic Lake (reservoir).

According to Reynolds (1992:80), the Cordova family settled in Castiac in 1835.

Dolores Cook married the former miss Francis Olme on May 30, 1879, and moved to Castaic in 1882.

At this time, Virginia Cordova (daughter of Jesus and Antonia Cordova and brother of Simon Cordova) was married to John Olme, brother of Francis Olme. Virginia left him in 1891 and he remarried.

Pictured, from left (names per Reynolds, op. cit.):

1. Joseph Olme (far left). Brother of Francis Olme, which would make him the son of Florida Parker, a California Indian, and Antonio Olme (heritage unknown). Joseph Olme was the only eyewitness to the 1890 murder of his brother-in-law, Dolores Cook.

2. Dolores Cook (man standing in front of pillar in front of doorway). Born about 1854. Son of William Cook (heritage unknown) and Trinidad Espinoza, a California Indian born at the San Gabriel mission. Killed by Castaic landowner William C. Chormicle on Feb. 28, 1890.

3. Francis Olme Cook (woman in doorway). Born May 10, 1865. Daughter of Florida Parker, a California Indian, and Antonio Olme (heritage unknown). After her husband Dolores Cook's death, she was swindled out of her land by Castaic land baron William W. Jenkins. Died March 13, 1931.

4. Theodore Cook (young boy seated). Born 1887 to Dolores and Francis Olme Cook.

5. Frederick S. "Fred" Cook[e] (older boy seated). Born March 28, 1881, in Los Angeles. Son of Dolores and Francis Olme Cook. Went on to marry Chief Frances Garcia, a Native American whose lineage traces to Chaguayabit (Castaic Junction) and other nearby villages prior to European contact in 1769. Fred and Frances added the "e" to the end of Cook. Fred died in 1958 and rests with Frances in the Ruiz-Perea Cemetery in San Franciscquito Canyon.

6. Virginia Cordova (in white shawl).

7. Reynolds 1992:80 identifies the elderly man as Simon Cordova, but it can't be. Simon was born about 1866 and died January 1, 1934. It might be his father, Jesus Cordova.

8. Mrs. Urtasun (far right).

AP2205: 19200 dpi jpeg from copy print. Same as HS7161, SCV Historical Society collection.


Marriage Cert.: Dolores Cook & Francis Olme 1879


Cooks & Olmes at Cordova Ranch 1886


Dolores Cook & Valentine Biscailuz: Marriage Cert. 1917


Mrs. Dolores Cook Biscailuz: Death Cert. 1922


Francis Olme Cook: Death Cert. & Obituary 1931


Simon Cordova: Death Cert. & Obituary 1934

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