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Figure 7. Bryne Cache baskets on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of History’s Chumash Hall.
               Photograph by John Johnson.

               the evidence indicates that the area was heavily utilized by hunter-gatherers. Importantly, the enormity of
               the basket further suggests that a sizable amount of storage was an important function for a discrete group
               (perhaps a household) and so that visits to the area likely had some degree of duration.
                       Importantly, the objects were left alone and in place at the time of discovery. This allowed for a
               team of archaeologists and other specialists to document the Bryne Cache in the highest detail currently
               possible. The subsequent recovery and exhibition of the storage basket alongside an interactive 3D
               reconstruction at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and on its website means that for the first
               time ever the public will be able to appreciate both the object and the context in which it was found (Figure

               SCA Proceedings, Volume 30 (2016)                            Bryne, Gandy, Robinson, and Johnson p. 221
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