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Figure 3. Parching Tray (B2), working surface on left. Photograph by Devlin Gandy.

               Figure 4. Heavily mended basket (B3), potential base of storage basket. Photograph by Devlin Gandy.

                       The parching tray (B2) measures 47 cm across and is  more closely coiled (at 5-6 stiches  per
               centimeter) than the storage basket. The surface appears to have been treated with asphaltum, which has
               left a thick, dark patina (Figure 3). The sewing material is difficult to identify due to heavy carbonization
               and good residue. It appears to potentially be sumac (Rhus aromatica), rather than Juncus textilis, but the
               identification is speculative. Likewise, the foundation is obscured heavily by use and patination, but appears
               to be a deer grass (Muhlenbergia rigens) foundation. The convex surface utilized intentional split stitches,
               while the base, and repairs to the base, utilized  non-interlocking stitching at 3.5 coils  per centimeter.
               Approximately 35 percent of the parching surface is missing, with gnaw marks from rodents evident. The
               original rim coil of the parching tray was also absent, but the outermost remaining coil shows polish that
               suggests it served as the rim for some time after the original rim coil was lost, prior to caching.
                       A heavily mended basket (B3) measuring 26 cm in diameter was found within the storage basket
               (Figure 4). As with the other baskets, it appears to have been sewn with sumac (Rhus aromatica), rather
               than Juncus textilis. The foundation appears to be deer grass (Muhlenbergia rigens), turning into a 3-rod
               juncus base for the basket walls. The lack of designs, heavy deposition of material, copious repairs, size,

               SCA Proceedings, Volume 30 (2016)                            Bryne, Gandy, Robinson, and Johnson p. 217
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