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       ·}·~ q:: t  8:55  A.M.  on · a  hot  sum-
       './::,-, .• /:;  mer  morning,  assistant  di-
        rector  Bob  Beche  sang  out,  "Let's  kill
        an  the  buzz-buzz, boys.  We've  got  a
        long  day.  Let's  make  it  as  easy  as
        possible  on . ourselves."
         Relative quiet descended on Stage  2
        of. California  Studios  in  Hollywood,
        and  the  164th  episode  of  Gunsmoke
        was  under  way.
         Director  Andrew  McLaglen,  6-foot-
        7-inch  son  of  Victor  McLaglen,  had
        come  in  earlier,  • greeting  Amanda
        ("Kitty")  Blake  with  a  kiss  on  the
        forehead.  Jim  Arness  loped  onto  the
        set  just in  time  for  the  first  run-
        through  of  the . first  scene.  He  and
        Amanda  sat. down   continued

      On the 'Gunsmoke' set

      horseplay is
      a  basic ingredient
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